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Benefits of Jiu-Jitsu for Kids

There are many advantages for kids to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Many of the benefits that kids can enjoy are the same as those for adults or general benefits of jiu-jitsu. Kids Jiu-Jitsu benefits include:

  • building muscle and increasing flexibility
  • improving mental strength, memory and brain function
  • development of problem-solving skills
  • reducing stress and teaching patience
  • self-confidence booster
  • promoting healthy competition

Benefits of jiu-jitsu that specifically target children are:

  • teaches discipline
  • provides an outlet for energy and stress
  • promotes self-defense
  • making more friends
  • anti-bullying
  • develops focus, listening and leadership skills

Getting your kids involved in sports and extracurricular activities has its well-known advantages. Jiu-jitsu, however, provides some unique benefits due to its qualities. It is an individual sport, rather than a team sport, promoting individual achievement. Parents can be reassured knowing that they won’t be dealing with the age-old problem of child “sitting on the bench” and just watching while others play for the benefit of the team win. Even though jiu-jitsu is an individual practice, it still relies heavily on practitioners learning how to get along and work with each other in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Students easily develop friendships with others outside of school which is great for their social development. There is also an added bonus to the martial arts over team sports in that there are no seasons but instead year-round practice that encourages continuity and discipline, without regular interruptions, teaching kids commitment.

Jiu-jitsu students are recognized for their progress and commitment not only though their successful execution of techniques, but also with periodic belt and stripe promotions. This gives kids a sense of accomplishment, boosting their self-esteem since they are responsible for their own progress and performance.

Because both boys and girls practice in the same class, they both inherently learn lessons regarding gender equality and respect for the opposite sex. Girls learn how to stand up to boys and the boys learn how to treat girls. Respect and discipline are always an underlying theme in all jiu-jitsu training. Anytime on (or even off) the mat, jiu-jitsu players are expected to conduct themselves with discipline and respect for all and those that are not acting accordingly quickly learn to do so.

Anti-bullying is one of the biggest benefits that today’s kids are gaining while partaking in regular jiu-jitsu classes. The self-defense skills they develop, along with the boost in self-esteem and heightened respect for others, give kids the means necessary to stand up to bullies as well as prevent them from becoming a bully themselves. Many parents can testify to this invaluable lesson of jiu-jitsu, feeling confident that their children can defend themselves both physically and verbally, avoiding compromising situations.

Finally, while attending regular kids jiu-jitsu classes that focus on teaching techniques and discipline, kids learn how to maintain focus and improve listening skills. Both focus and listening skills are essential for them to be successful students in school, qualities that also carry over to adulthood, making them good employees with flourishing careers. For more information on jiu-jitsu for kids, contact and come try a free class!

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